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“In Conversation: with Oliver Sean on WOAFM99 (Ep.7 S10) - Airy Jeanine Special


Today we have New Jersey singer Airy Jeanine in conversation with MTV EMA Nominated Artist Producer and Grammy Voter Oliver Sean LIVE on the WOAFM99 Radio Show. Supporting the show are 6 breakthrough artists and their amazing songs from various genres - todays playlist includes:

1. Rich Krueger - A Short One on Life

2. Silent Stranger - Nights & Daze

3. Airy Jeanine - Do You (Featured Artist)

4. Candice Russel - Magnetic

5. Phil Ram - Listen up (let my words have wings)

6. David Wayne Moore - Its not over yet 


The WOAFM99 Radio Show is produced by WOA Films and Oliver Sean Productions for the WOA Entertainment Group 


Artists who would like to submit their music for consideration for the WOAFM99 Radio Show can submit their music via www.woafm99.com or via the WOA Music Opprtunities Page 






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