Episode 6 of the Brand New Season 5 of the WOAFM99 Radio Show This is part 2 of the Christmas Special episodes we are releasing all through December. There will be a Christmas episode every other day until Christmas Day. The WOAFM99 Radio Show is hosted by MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee & Vh1 Top 10 Musician & Filmmaker Oliver Sean 

Today's Christmas Special Episode features 6 fantastic artists including:

1. Featured Artist* One World Holiday - Christmas Around The World. Now available on itunes @ 

2. Endorphine Annie -

3. Shattervox - Home For Christmas

4. Anxious Rabbit - Rudolph T.R.N.R 

5. Cecilia G - Chocolate Santa

6. Featured Artist* Elise Bellew - Blue Christmas 

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This is a W.O.A Entertainment Production 

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