Today on the WOAFM99 Radio Show we have American Singer Songwriter & Multi Instrumentalist Susan Vesna joining Oliver Sean "In Conversation". This week's #CertifiedIndie songs cover genres from Pop to Hip Hop and Rock to Jazz by breakthrough Independent Musicians from around the world. 

Today's Playlist:

1. Elise Harby (Ghita Prey, Songwriter) - I Dare To Be Free
2. Slo-L - White Bikini (That Girl)
3. Peter Kaszas - On The Other Side
4. Alan Goldberg - After Party
5. Susan Vesna - Image of Your face
6. Nescora - Shelter Me
7. Accidental Martyr - Deep End
8. Clark Ford - In Your Eyes
9. The Key Rocks - Falling to Ground
10. Silent Stranger - Guitar Beneath The Tree

Artists who would like to submit their music for consideration for the WOAFM99 Radio Show can submit their music via or via the WOA Music Opportunities Page 

The WOAFM99 Radio Show is produced by WOA Films and Oliver Sean Productions for the WOA Entertainment Group

#WOAFORMUSICIANS (Music Opportunities) 

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