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SEASON FINALE!!! On today's season finale episode of the WOAFM99 Radio Show we bring you 10 of the most influential tracks from the entire season. This is one show you just can't afford to miss out on. Today we feature

Oliver Sean - Devil in Blue Jeans

Tankerays - Broken Toy

Stonesilk - Hold me Up

Alicia Champion - My Supergirl

Silent Stranger - Battle Axe

Emyna The Rock Queen - I Am Me

Rich Krueger - A Stoopid Broken Heart

Allen Copeland - The Love I Found in You

Lisa Panagos - Ecstacy

Earnest Williams - Waitin for You


Artists who would like to submit their music for consideration for the WOAFM99 Radio Show can submit their music via or via the WOA Music Opprtunities Page  


The WOAFM99 Radio Show is produced by WOA Films and Oliver Sean Productions for the WOA Entertainment Group



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