After a fantastic 'Devil is Back' launch party and live stream gig last night, to celebrate the  release of the Oliver Sean album, 'Devil is Back' feat. R.I.P - today we are the first radio show to exclusively feature the title track of the album (well it is our host's album so its only fair that we get exclusive airplay rights for Day 1). Did we mention that the album hit No.1 in the UK and the US on the iTunes Blues Charts? :-) We also have some of the RIP team (Real Indie Project) members joining Oliver Sean on the show today. For all you Indie Music fans, we are back with our weekly 'Certified Indie Songs of the Week'. 


Today's Breakthrough Artists:

1. Moving on - Cody Garrison

2. Love No Mask Can Hide - Deron Wendt

3. Devil is Back - Oliver Sean feat. R.I.P (Real Indie Project) #Featured

4. Mercy - Nescora

5. I Cry Because - Sempre Caoz

6. I Wasn't Built For Speed - A Day A Week 


Artists who would like to submit their music for consideration for the WOAFM99 Radio Show can submit their music via or via the WOA Music Opportunities Page 

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